We provide the best possible solution of power supplies

Plasma Power Supply: Semiconductor, Display, Solar Battery, Industrial

  • DC / Dual DC / Single Pulse / Dual Magnetron Sputter (EnerStream, EnerPulse, EnerPulse Duo Series)
  • Arc Ion Plating (ArcWorks 200, Hercules Series)
  • Ion Beam, Ion Bombard (Forte I-302)
  • Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (Genius Series)
  • PE-CVD (EnerPulse Duo Series)
  • Scrubber (EnerStream, Genius Series)

Plasma power supply is applied for sputter vacuum evaporation to create electrode on LCD, OLED, and Solar Battery. We are the first in the nation (third in the world) to successfully deliver mass production to FPD manufacturers.


General Purpose DC Power Supply (NEOS Series) : semiconductor, display, industrial, research

  • AMOLED, W-OLED metalizing process
  • OLED / LCD light check and Aging
  • LCD panel activation and durability test
  • R&D

NEOS products have a lineup of products between 200W ~ 10kW. Depending on our customer’s choices the voltage/current can be changed. Our products are applied for mass production equipment or R&D, QC equipment and other variety of applications. Recent increase in demands for minerals, organic matter, and metallization has led us to distribute mass quantities of our products to OLED manufacturers.


Custom Power Supply: Military, Civilians, Medical, Industrial

  • Inverter
  • Converter
  • Power Conversion System

EN Technologies provides our customers’ needs with our proven technology. Some of our customers have customized our products for mass production. Give us a contact and we will be back at you with the perfect solution.