We provide the best possible solution of power switchgear

Power Distribution Equipment: Gas Insulation Charge Switch (underground, manufacture), recloser, circuit breaker, RMU

  • Gas Insulation Charge Switch (underground, SF6 GAS)
  • Gas Insulation Charge Switch (industrial, SF6 GAS), 25.8kV Eco charge switch (Solid type)
  • Recloser (SF6 GAS, Solid type), Sectionalizer, EFI
  • EN-RMF Series
  • EN-RMC Series
  • RMU

Entechnologies’ power distribution equipment is used for the recovery of the failure of distribution lines (underground, industrial), dead-line work. It also prevents consumers’ dependent failures and open and break loads.



Transmission Equipment:

  • Switchgear (SF6 GAS), Eco Friendly Switchgear (Dry Air)
  • Panel Board
  • Simple Waterside Equipment

Entechnologies’ transmission equipment is used in consumer building’s protection system 25.8kV- 72.5kV railway stations, and substations. We focus on safety and efficiency to satisfy our customers.